Healthy Hormones

one bite at a time

nutrition services for wellness warriors who want happy hormones, synced up cycles, and glowing skin

Become a Wellness Warrior

Get educated about how your body works, and what is best for your health. Learn to make informed and empowered choices about the food you eat. Harness the confident and capable warrior within.

Avoid the Overwhelm

Get the guidance you need to navigate the wellness world. Skip the confusion and stress. With a registered holistic nutritionist, you're getting the best science-backed recommendations, tailored to you.

Healthify Your Life

Wake up energized and refreshed, say bye-bye to PMS, boost your mood, improve your digestion, get glowing skin from within and learn how to take care of the woman you want to be.

Meet Renée

Holistic Nutritionist (CNP/ROHP)

Hi! I'm Renée, the founder of Salt + Spoon and a Registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioner (CNP/ROHP).

Translation: I'm a holistic nutritionist who knows how to optimize your health. I specialize in women's hormones, skin and cycles, with a focus on healthy habit building.

I've experienced the power of nutrition first-hand after struggling for years with eczema and hormonal acne. Now, it's my mission to educate and inspire you on how to healthify your life, one bite at a time.

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1:1 Nutrition Consultation

Work with Renée and tackle your biggest health goals. You'll get customized nutrition recommendations (complete with a meal plan and recipes) that targets your needs. Renée is realistic and coaches you step-by-step so that you can avoid the overwhelm and walk away with habits that you'll actually stick to.

Online Education

Maybe you want to get started right away, already know what you want to work on and/or want to start small. Salt + Spoon Online Programs are perfect for you! We've done the work for you and compiled a series of ebooks and self-led courses to healthify your life, one subject at a time.

Workshops & Events

Nutrition workshops are the new Tupperware party. If you and a group of gals want to optimize your health, then getting together and sharing information is your golden ticket. Renee offers custom workshops and events. Book your workshop today or browse a list of upcoming events.

Renee had the skills, the knowledge and the personality to take me from WANTING to be healthy and knowledgeable about my own body/the foods I need to feel nourished and full of energy.... to BEING healthy and knowledgeable about these things.


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