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The intuitive eating program designed to help you ditch the wellness-overwhelm and finally make peace with food.


what if

  • you didn’t have to get “back on track” after a cheat meal?

  • you never had to feel guilty over what you ate?

  • you could still be healthy without worrying about food 24/7?

  • you could stop obsessing over how your body looks?

Ice Cream Flavors

  • let go of food rules and restrictions, so you can enjoy your life

  • eat the damn pizza, without feeling guilty or discouraged

  • quit "starting fresh" on Monday and feeling like a failure

  • stop holding yourself back because of your size

it's time to


 feeling totally out of control around food

 counting calories and carbs and logging it in MyFitness Pal

 dreading going jeans shopping because it makes you feel awful about yourself

 being totally lost when it comes to healthy choices

Leafy Plant

You’re trying to do all the healthy things:

🌱 drinking your daily celery juice

🌱 memorizing that new keto book

🌱 forcing yourself to do another HIIT workout

Your obsession with being healthy and losing weight has completely taken over your life.

And you're doing all of this so that you can feel better. But most of the time you just end up feeling like a failure.


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I know you

NS Brand Shoot August 2021-73.jpg

because I was you

As a nutritionist, I was doing all the "right things". But in secret, I was a panicked mess of food fear and it was becoming a problem.
When I realized I'd gotten to a point where I was actually afraid to eat a grape, I decided to finally unpack my disordered relationship with food.
So take it from someone who's been wellness-obsessed and has come through the other side, there is a better way to be healthy.



  • You can be healthy and honour your cravings.

  • You can eat the foods you enjoy without losing control.

  • You can learn to respect your body without wanting to change it.

meet Renee

I'm your restriction-free nutritionist and intuitive eating coach.

I'm a certified nutritionist (CNP/ROHP) and hormone specialist, but know first hand that wellness journeys can often contribute to disordered eating. I've worked with countless clients, empowering them to make healthy choices while they gently let go of food rules.


I created the Food Freedom Breakthrough to teach you how to become an intuitive eater and experience all the freedom and peace that comes with it.

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let's break it down

First, you'll learn to ditch diet culture and food rules, so you can heal your relationship with food and start to see your worth.

→ Next, you'll integrate intuitive eating + movement, so you can learn to honour your body's needs.

→ Then, you'll add in healthy habits so you can eat what you want while you gently fuel and nourish your body.

→ Finally, you'll learn how to make it a lifestyle, so you can maintain food freedom and body confidence for life.

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what you get

→ a 3 month 1:1 online program

→ 10 x Themed Video Trainings

→ 10 x Private Coaching Calls

2 x 1:1 Nutrition Consults

→ Weekly Themed Workbooks

→ Done For You Roadmaps + Resources

→ Recipe Resources to Inspire Gentle Nutrition

→ Unlimited Support via Private Message

Leafy Plant Drawing


was designed to teach you how to let go of food rules, nourish your body and live restriction-free. You’ll learn how to:

ditch the diet mentality

that’s keeping you stuck in a toxic body-hating cycle

let go of rules

around food and your body so you can finally break free and live intuitively

integrate gentle nutrition

and healthy habits to live the life you’ve always wanted

Anchor 1


VIP access to the program hub with:

→ bonus lessons on gentle nutrition

→ diving deeper video series on intuitive eating
→ an invitation to explore all future updates

→ community message board to stay connected

Not to mention feeling:

 totally supported on your journey

→ free to explore and learn at your own pace

→ more confident and content

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change your life

“I feel a much deeper awareness and appreciation of my own hunger and fullness signals. I can hardly put a label on our time together. I’ve felt so many profound shifts within myself and my relationship with food and movement.  I so enjoy our weekly chats. It’s felt like I gift I’ve given myself to be able to work with you.”

- Renée (ironically, one of my clients!)

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Schedule a coffee chat with Renée to make sure this program is the right fit for you (link below).

step one

Once you're in, explore the Food Freedom Breakthrough program. Themed intuitive eating training/materials will unlock weekly.

step two

Book your first Nutrition Consult to get started with customized recommendations.

step three

Save the dates for your coaching calls. We'll meet weekly and discuss each module of the program.

step four


There are so many ways to start your intuitive eating journey.

the breakthrough

Unlock food freedom with the 3 month private coaching program, complete with online lessons, weekly coaching and unlimited support.

$1500 CAD


(pricing plans available)

foundations bundle

Become an intuitive eater with my 21-day DIY program designed to take you through all the material from my original Food Freedom course.

$600 CAD



Get started with my journal prompts, workbooks, quizzes, checklists and more!

Let's shift how you think about food and your body



Frequently Asked Questions

As a fellow introvert: I get it, video calls can be a lot of pressure. If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email me instead!

Yay! Does this make us friends?


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