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Intuitive Eating

Can I have current health issues and still try intuitive eating?

Ab-so-lutely. The best part about food freedom is it’s more of a mental shift. You’re still honouring your body and it’s needs, so if you aren’t able to eat certain foods because of your health, that’s all just a part of your self care. I’ll also make sure to address If there are certain recommendations in the gentle nutrition section of the course that don’t fit with your current health requirements, and we’ll make tweaks/substitutions as necessary in your 1:1 consults.

Will I gain/lose weight with intuitive eating?

Maybe! You may gain weight, you may lose weight (and you’ll learn that your health and newfound confidence isn’t really connected to your weight, anyway). When you learn to eat intuitively, you are giving your body what it needs. This could cause some to gain and some to lose body weight and it’s all perfectly healthy and normal.

What if I try intuitive eating and just end up eating cookies forever?

You definitely won’t! This is a common fear when letting go of food rules. But your body knows what it needs for fuel and when you start listening to those intuitive hits, you’ll crave what you need to sustain yourself. Sometimes that’s cookies, most times it’s not!

Billing + Policy

Are your services covered by my insurance?

Not every part of the Food Freedom Breakthrough is covered, but you can request reimbursement for our 1:1 appointments. If you're wondering whether holistic nutrition services are covered under your health insurance, it will depend on who the provider is. It's best to check with your insurance company. They will need the qualification (Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner) and registration number (available upon request). They might also need to know that this is through the International Organization of Nutritional Consultants. Here are a few organizations that have been known to cover nutrition services: Co-operators Insurance, Large Group Policies, RWAM Insurance Administrators Inc., SunLife, Extended Benefits Policy, TD Canada – Flex Benefits, Great West Life – depending on the individual plan many “Flex Plans” or “Health Spending Accounts” allow members to allocate their health insurance funds towards complementary health services. Please check with your insurance company to see if your plan extends coverage to nutrition counselling services.

What if I need to cancel an appt or get a refund?

You can find all updated information about refunds and cancellations here.

Food Freedom Programs

How much time will I need to spend per week on the Food Freedom Breakthrough?

The best part about this course is that it’s self-paced, because growth and deconditioning takes time and that’s different for everyone. But, there are suggestions for how to structure your learning to make the most out of your 1:1 sessions and live coaching calls. Generally, I’d recommend spending 20-30 minutes per day on self care/homework and 1-3 hours per week on the lessons and coaching.

How much of a time commitment is the Foundations program?

You'll want to set aside about 30 mins per day for 21 days to complete the Food Freedom Foundations course. That being said, you can also spend as much or as little time as you'd like because you'll have unlimited access to the material post course completion.

Do these programs include nutrition/healthy eating recommendations?

Yes and no! Yes, as in I absolutely teach you how to make balanced, nourishing and healthy food choices that will fuel your body. Yes, in the sense that we work 1:1 together on your personal health and nutritional goals and I suggest things like certain foods and supplements that might be beneficial. No, in the sense that I'll never reccommend a traditional diet. Most often, not even a theraputic one. But I will take the beneficial foods from those diets and encourage you to include them.

Nutrition Package

What's included in a protocol?

A protocol is a series of customized food, supplement and lifestyle recommendations specific to your health goals.

Frequently Asked Questions