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A monthly subscription to keep you committed and accountable to your intuitive eating and gentle nutrition goals.

it's time to

→  maintain your new healthy habits

→ stay motivated + inspired

→ get support when you need it most


you did it

✔️ You've come to the end of your Food Freedom Breakthrough and/or Nourish + Fuel Nutrition Coaching.

✔️ You've spent months transforming your mindset and relationship with food for the better.

✔️ You've integrated healthy hacks and habits to take the overwhelm out of your wellness routine.

✔️ You've learned how to treat your body with the respect it deserves.

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and you want more

I'll be the first person to acknowledge the value of accountability and keeping your goals front of mind.

Probably because I get to talk to my clients every week about ditching diet culture, food freedom and gentle nutrition!

This helps me stay on top of my mindset, my habits and my goals.

Having that touchpoint has been oh-so-valuable for me, and I want to offer that to you, too!


introducing the club

your monthly subscription to all things food freedom, designed to maintain your progress with intuitive eating and gentle nutrition




Green Smoothie

how it works

→ First, you'll get inspired by a monthly food freedom workshop, so you can fine tune your restriction-free mindset.

→ Next, you'll implement a realistic and actionable mini-protocol with a gentle nutrition food focus (and menu).

→  Then, you'll receive weekly reflections to track your progress and maintain your healthy habits.

→ Finally, you'll hop on weekly group coaching calls with Renée to celebrate the wins, set goals, stay accountable and take action.




monthly workshop + workbooks

You'll get access to monthly Food Freedom workshops + receive weekly reflection workbooks.

🌱  focus on a relevant food freedom theme for the month


🌱  further develop your intuitive eating mindset and skills

🌱  + access to private DMs


1 x monthly nutrition protocol

1 x monthly intuitive menu

At the top of the month, you'll receive your Food Focus mini nutrition protocol and Intuitive Menu.

🌱  build in healthy lifestyle habits

🌱  get inspired in the kitchen

🌱  fuel your body with nourishing foods


4 x weekly club calls

We'll hop on weekly group coaching calls to take action and stay accountable to our goals.

🌱  Q + A Unpacks


🌱  Take Action Power Hours

🌱  Quarterly Goal Getter Workshop

🌱  Celebrate *all* the wins along the way



monthly workshop, mini protocol and club calls

(your subscription renews monthly)



three months

commit to 3 months upfront and save 13%

(renews monthly with 3 months locked in)


six months

commit to 6 months upfront and save 25%

(renews monthly with 6 months locked in)



the proof is in the pudding

“It has been great to have weekly check ins and discuss challenges. You’ve been very helpful at coming up with solutions/things to try and are customized to my lifestyle and personal experiences.”

- Deb


Sign up for a 1, 3 or 6 month subscription to the food freedom club.

step one

step two

Once you're in, check your inbox for access to this month's content.

step three

Mark your calendar and plan to attend the group calls + set your 1:1 coaching call schedule.

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