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5 Reasons To Try Intuitive Eating

Intuitive Eating (IE) may be totally new to you, or maybe you've heard of it before but don’t really get it. Aside from being the best way ever to live your life, Intuitive Eating boasts a ton of health benefits.

So, let me break it down. Essentially, IE is an approach to food and wellness that:

⚡️ puts you in charge of your own body and what it wants to eat

⚡️ lets you honour your hunger signals instead of going hangry

⚡️ teaches you how to marry health and wellbeing, once and for all



✔️ Because diets don’t work.

It’s time to stop letting diet culture control the way that we live and how we experience food.

Most weight-loss diets are designed to fail (95% of them). In fact, 2/3 of dieters end up gaining all the weight back, and then some. Top that off with an increased risk of chronic illness from weight cycling and it's easy to come to the conclusion that dieting just isn't sustainable. Or fun.

✔️ Because you can finally stop fighting food.

What if I told that you didn't have to restrict food? And what if I told you giving up food rules can actually make you the healthiest version of yourself?

When you give your body the freedom to nourish itself, you stop viewing foods as good vs. bad and start seeing it for what it is: fuel. You stop living in a world where you feel out of control around a bag of chips and can't have it in the house. You stop bingeing on leftover cake, as if it's your last supper.

When you give yourself unconditional permission to eat any and all foods, you realize that there's always another opportunity to enjoy what you love.

And more often then not, you'll choose nourishing foods in line with what your body is craving and needs.

✔️ Because you get to experience real food peace.

When you accept and allow your body’s internal cues, you can finally let go of the guilt that comes with trying to follow and stick to a diet. You can finally stop feeling like a failure every Monday. You can finally live the live you deserve, with no restrictions.

✔️ Because you'll have a better relationship with your body.

Intuitive Eating teaches you how to respect your body, right now. No matter what you "think" you should look like, no matter your size, no matter your goals.

You don't need to achieve self love to practice Intuitive Eating, but it sure as hell can help you get there.

✔️ Because you can be healthy, without making it about how you look.

You get to separate wellness from weight loss. And what a relief. Intuitive Eating teaches you that health comes from what you do, not how you look. You'll learn to practice healthful behaviours that impact the bottom line.



The benefits of Intuitive Eating are endless. I could go on and on (there's a reason I do this for a living).

We now know diets are based on the premise of false hope. So let me ask you: wouldn’t you rather be healthy while also enjoying all foods?

If you adopt the mentality that all foods fit and that you deserve to nourish and fuel your body, there's nothing that can get in your way.

Invest in yourself, show yourself compassion along the journey and don’t lose hope. Food freedom is possible for everyone.

A great starting point is right here, learning about intuitive eating and bringing awareness to how you think about wellness and health.

💛 If you're looking to take your Food Freedom Breakthrough one step further, check out my Must-Have Wellness Apps Checklist to simplify your wellness journey.

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