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The foundation for true health and healing begins with real food that makes you feel good. What we choose to eat affects all aspects of our health including our skin, cycles, energy, mood, and even our hormones. As a holistic nutritionist, I take a functional approach to your health concerns and offer nutrition, supplement and lifestyle recommendations to get you back into balance.

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I have been following your website and Instagram posts for a while now. I love it!....love the variety of topics, your honesty regarding yourself and the ups and downs of everyday life, beautifully done photos, great recipes and nutrition information.

I decided to try your 10-day Anti-Inflammatory Program. It was easier than I thought it would be. The shopping list, daily menus and very tasty recipes were great! Thank you for your quick response with one recipe substitution. 

I started the program to see if a change in diet would help alleviate stiff and painful joints and, as you suggested it would, I have had results. I am going to continue using the guidelines in this program for that reason and also because it is healthy, great tasting food! Thanks again and I look forward to following all of your posts.


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