Detox doesn't have to be overwhelming. You don't need to do a juice fast or tea-tox crash diet to help your body eliminate toxins. In reality, those are ineffective and unsustainable methods to achieving long lasting results. Simply eating liver-loving foods and supporting your detox pathways can result in feeling (and looking) frikkin' awesome.


With this program, you'll begin to understand that food has a profound effect on how you feel and function, day to day. When you commit to a light detox, the potential benefits are endless. Here's what we're looking to achieve:


- increased energy

- glowing, vibrant skin

- reduced symptoms of PMS

- better bowel movements and digestion

- an energized, clean feeling after you eat

- more restful sleep

- better body image and weight management


DIY Detox is a simple, self-led, food-based program designed to clear a path for your body's natural detoxification process. Basically, we are going to use liver-loving foods to pump up detox, open up our pathways of elimination and feel pretty darn good while we're at it.


In this book, I'll walk you through the basics of detoxification, lay out a clear customizable plan, and give you checklists to stay on track. With 60+ pages of information, you'll learn how to:


- decrease the toxins and chemicals in your diet

- incorporate detox-friendly foods for liver support

- integrate targeted supplements

- include foundations for health to improve lifestyle

- get organized and tackle healthy habits, one bite at a time

- cook recipes that include budget-friendly detox foods from the 7 Day meal plan

If you want to feel great and have vibrant energy, you're going to want to support your liver. Aka this book was made for you!


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DIY 10 Day Detox Ebook


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