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You Are Not Alone: The Skin Struggle Is Real

You guys! I want to introduce you to my good friend, Alyssa. She's a fellow nutritionist who knows the struggle with skin, just as much as we do. She's also helping me develop a few workshops and ebooks thanks to her super brainy-brain with all things women's hormones and the Birth Control Pill.

I think it's so important to hear stories from other women, especially when it comes to skin stuff. Not only do we feel less alone, but you get to see other women going out there and killing it (yas, girl power) despite what they've been through. Doesn't it make you want to sparkle just a little bit more?

So in the spirit of connecting over the tough stuff, here's Alyssa's skin story:

"My greatest struggle with skin issues started when I came off the birth control pill. About a month after I stopped, I began to breakout under my chin and along my jaw line. The breakouts weren’t huge but they were enough to make me notice and think, 'what’s going on here?'

This was before I began any of my studies for holistic nutrition so it took some deep diving to figure out what really was going on. I was experiencing hormonal acne and it’s very common in many women and can happen with or without the birth control pill.

The reason this came on for me was because the birth control pill gives you a dose of synthetic progesterone and estrogen, which in turn suppresses your body’s natural hormones – including androgens (male sex hormones) such as testosterone. When you go off the pill you can experience something called “androgen rebound” which is your body working double-time to make up lost testosterone. We get breakouts from this because elevated testosterone increases sebum production which creates breakouts.

Birth control also depletes our zinc stores and our skin LOVES zinc because it’s one of the minerals that helps the body control testosterone production.

Okay so where did this leave me? This left me knowing that I needed to balance my hormones again if I wanted my skin to clear up. It took me almost a year to get my acne under control but I thank this slow and steady growth because it gave me the time to listen to my body.

I focused on diet, replenishing lost nutrients and digestion. I already wasn’t eating dairy because of my vegan diet at the time but quitting/reducing dairy is a key component to getting our hormones back on track because dairy contains hormones from the animals who produced it in the first place.

I also replenished lost nutrients such as B vitamins and zinc and really focused on my digestion to make sure toxins could escape. I took vitex (chaste berry) supplement and that helped to rebalance as well.

Any skin healing takes time and patience. Each person is different and has different needs, but this is what worked for me. Often, it's best to work with a practitioner to really address the underlying issues.

I hope that my story helps you feel less alone in dealing with any post birth control skin troubles. Know that it’s normal and that when we give our bodies the correct tools that it needs we can restore balance once again!"

Alyssa is really awesome and she's gonna make big waves in the nutrition world! If you'd like to follow more of her journey you can check out her Instagram here.


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