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5 Skin Superfoods and How To Use Them

So by now you might have realized how much I LOVE talking about skin. And you’d be right! More specifically though, as a nutritionist, I like to focus on how I feed my skin with foods that make me glow from the inside out.

For those of you who’ve followed along for some time now, you know that I’ve seriously struggled with my skin. From acne to eczema I’ve (unwillingly) done it all. It wasn’t until I started focusing on nutrition and what went in my body rather than on my skin, that things began to change.

I'm going to break down some of my favourite superfoods that'll help you get glowing skin from within. (hint: none of them are hard to find or confusing to use. If you're looking for inspiration, download my free recipe book here: Sip Your Way To Glowing Skin).

5 Skin-Friendly Superfoods

Goji Berries

There’s a reason that goji berries got their title as a ‘super food’. This tiny berry is packed full of nutrients that help the body in so many ways, especially our skin. Goji is anti-inflammatory + anti-aging, 👏 reduces 👏 scaring 👏 + skin damage and boosts skin hydration.

Since goji berries actually increase our blood circulation, they work to reduce inflammation of the skin. So, basically we can say goodbye to uneven skin tones and breakouts.

Thanks to the extremely high antioxidant content in goji berries, they’re a super food for anti-aging. The antioxidants in the berry help fight off fine lines and wrinkles while preventing/reducing age spots.

We can thank some very impressive properties such as minerals, amino acids, vitamin C and carotenoids for the many skin-lovin’ benefits of goji.

Chia Seeds

These little seeds pack a serious nutrient punch! Our skin loves chia because of its powerful detoxifying properties. Chia seeds are amazing for detox because they’re 👏 full 👏 of 👏 fiber 👏 and healthy fats that help with elimination.

Our digestion is what our bodies rely on to get rid of toxins. If we don’t get rid of the toxins, they can reabsorb into the body and this helps promote skin issues such as acne. Trust me, when our digestion is running like a well-oiled machine our skin will be glowing.

Another bonus to chia is the healthy fat content, especially omega-3. Healthy fats help hydrate our skin, leaving it silky smooth.


Poor parsley doesn’t get nearly enough credit. This herb does much more than add flavour and look pretty. I grew a new-found appreciation for wonderful parsley after learning about all its skin-lovin’ benefits.

Parsley is an amazing food to balance our skin's oil production, decrease inflammation, discolouration and acne, all while being anti-aging which reduces fine lines and wrinkles. This food works its magic not only when we eat it but also when we 👏use👏 it 👏topically👏 (aka parsley face masks, anyone?).

Trust me, you’re gonna have a new found love for this leafy green herb.

Ginger Root

Who would have thought that ginger would be such a great skin food?! Most of us know ginger can calm an upset stomach or how helpful it can be for colds + flus. But did you know that it’s actually amazing for you skin too?

Just like many of our skin-friendly foods, ginger contains loads of antioxidants. These antioxidants work to reduce hyper-pigmentation due to scarring or age spots. This also makes ginger a wonderful anti-aging food (wrinkles, I never knew ya!).

Also, that flavour kick from ginger is more than just a tasty zing! Similar to goji berries, ginger increases circulation which makes it anti-inflammatory, helping to 👏 reduce 👏redness, 👏 flare 👏 ups 👏 and 👏 breakouts 👏.


Lemon is a tried and true skin favourite. Not only is it full of vitamin C (a powerful antioxidant our skin loves), but it’s also antibacterial and an amazing detoxifier.

Lemon works with the body to restore alkalinity, detoxify the liver and encourage healthy digestion. We can thank lemon for helping even skin tone, close the pores, fight off acne and 👏 lighten 👏 acne 👏 scarring 👏. Major win!

So there ya have it. Five skin-lovin’ foods that can help you find healthy skin from within!

If you’re looking for more information on skin healing foods then be sure to check out my upcoming Healthy Skin from Within workshop on February 20th! We’ll be talkin’ all things skin including a deep dive into nutrition for glowing skin and my favourite food-based beauty products. Bring a friend and enjoy complimentary skin-loving snacks, drinks and the best part… a DIY beauty bar where you’ll get to create your own full sized skin product! I seriously can’t wait and hope to see you there!


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