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Work 1:1 with me to receive a customized program so you can tackle your biggest health goals

Outside of the Food Freedom Breakthrough, I offer individual nutrition consultations which are designed to address specific health challenges like IBS, food sensitivities, PCOS, PMS and hormonal imbalance, skin issues like eczema, etc.


In these sessions, we work through a series of protocols targeted to your needs and customized for your lifestyle.

one to one coaching is for you if

🗸 You’ve completed the Food Freedom Breakthrough program and are looking to tackle specific health goals or address health issues after you’ve achieved a foundation in intuitive eating.

🗸 You’re looking for nutrition advice without the beneficial mindset work.

🗸 You’re working through some specific health challenges that don’t necessarily allow you to eat intuitively all of the time (although many health concerns are manageable within the framework of food freedom).




Initial Intake Session (90 minutes)

Value of $125

This first session is where we dive deep! We discuss your health history to get a full picture of where you’re at.


We'll chat about:

  • your diet, eating habits and lifestyle

  • current prescriptions and supplement routine

  • your mindset around food rules and eating habits

  • existing blood work and other medical tests

  • first steps to start implementing today

​You'll walk away knowing my plan for your upcoming sessions and have the tools to prepare for them. We'll stay connected in between sessions via my client portal, with a confidential 1:1 chat and food/lifestyle journals.

→ Protocol Delivery x3 (90 minutes)

Value of $345

Here's where we sit down and talk about the plan to optimize your health. To avoid overwhelm, I break down my recommendations into 3 phases. We work together over 3 months or more, tackling each phase together and building off the last.


We'll chat about:

  • potential nutrient deficiencies

  • my reccs on how to optimize your health and well being

  • diet, supplement and lifestyle suggestions

  • your customized recipe book 

  • healthy habit building and food freedom mindset

  • any new test results

Follow up (45 minutes)

Value of $80

At the end of your 3 protocols, we'll plan for a 45 minute follow up session to reflect and discuss next steps. I also like to do quick weekly follow ups with my clients.


Not only does this keep you motivated, but it helps me make sure that everything is working for you!


You'll have continued access to my client portal.




client testimonials

“In my early 20’s I started to struggle with acne. For five years I tried so many different products promising to clear my skin but I only found they made the problem worse. I decided to put down the products and try something different. After working with Renée to help clear my skin working from the inside out using nutrition my skin has visibly improved. I experience far fewer breakouts and when I do break out I have a better idea as to what caused the breakout and what my body needs to heal it. Renée takes the time to really get to know you and the areas you are struggling with. She creates protocols specific to you and your needs that come with step by step help along the way and the tastiest recipes!  I 100% recommend you give her services a try!”


- Kelly

Renée, In Office for 1-to-1 Nutritional Coaching


First: We’ll find a time to book your free Strategy Session to see if working together is the right fit.

Next: We’ll schedule your initial intake and you’ll receive the intake forms to fill out before we meet.

Then: I’ll take all that I’ve discovered about your health history and use it to create your first nutritional protocol.


And Finally: You’ll implement the recommendations to tackle your specific health and wellness goals.