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The 1:1 sessions and customized programs you need to tackle your biggest food-based health goals, without restriction.

you deserve

→  smooth-as-heck digestion (bye bye, IBS and constipation)

→ easy breezy PMS (no more cramps or bloating)

→ clear, glowing skin (eczema and acne be gone)

→ energy up-the-wazoo (your zombie days are over)

... and so much more!


Is this you

🍋 You can't seem to stick to a healthy routine, no matter what new wellness trend you try (thanks, keto).

🍋 You're totally lost when it comes to what healthy habits are actually helpful (hint: it's easier than you think).

🍋 You need someone to help you stay accountable and cheer you on (without taking away your morning coffee).

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I've been there

As a nutritionist, I've "failed" pretty much every diet out there. And at first, I thought I was the problem. So, I'd try the next wellness trend, and the next...

But I eventually, I realized that being healthy isn't as complicated as diet culture would have us believe.

I started breaking down all the confusing information on healthAnd incorporated simple, sustainable habits that actually fit into my routine. Habits I could stick to without a crash cleanse.

I saw the impact this had in my life, as well as my clients, and I haven't looked back since.


humble brag

“Never pooped so regularly in my life. You probably can't use that to promote your services, but for real, my poops are top notch these days.”


- Dani


nourish and fuel

is your customized 1:1 nutrition program complete with weekly coaching, designed to up-level your health and keep you accountable to your goals




Beetroots and Berries Juice

how it works

→ First, we'll integrate therapeutic foods, so you can maximize your nutrient absorption.​

→ Next, we'll add in effective supplementation, so you can boost your nutrient stores.

→  Then, we'll take a look at incorporating specific lifestyle habits, so you can cover all of your bases for wholistic health.

→ Finally, we'll achieve all of this while layering in a food freedom and Health at Every Size approach so you can avoid toxic diet culture.



the intake

60 min session

In this initial session, we'll:

🌱  deep dive into your health history


🌱  review current supplementation


🌱  assess recent bloodwork

🌱  make a plan to up-level your health

the guidance

monthly nutrition protocol + menu

We'll develop a series of recommendations for you to integrate:

🌱  4 week therapeutic plan


🌱  actionable and realistic

🌱  restriction-free

🌱  sustainable, lasting change

the coaching

weekly 15 min calls

You'll stay accountable to your goals with weekly check ins and unlimited support:


🌱  food journal review (optional)

🌱  overcome challenges

🌱  celebrate the wins

🌱  + access to private DMs



one protocol and 4 coaching calls each month

(your subscription renews monthly)



three months

commit to 3 months upfront and save 13%

(renews monthly with 3 months locked in)


six months

commit to 6 months upfront and save 25%

(renews monthly with 6 months locked in)


Renée, In Office for 1-to-1 Nutritional Coaching


Book a coffee chat to make sure working with me is the right fit for you.

step one

step two

Once you're in, schedule your intake session and weekly coaching calls.

step three

Once we've gone over your health history,  your customized recommendations and recipe inspo will ship straight to your inbox, monthly!

step four

We'll chat every week, addressing challenges and celebrating wins while you live your best life.

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