Renée In Office for The Food Freedom Breakthrough


→ Ditch diets forever

→ Learn to nourish your body & hack your health

→ And finally find food freedom


this program is for you if you are ready to

  • let go of rules and restrictions so you can finally stop obsessing over food

  • eat the damn pizza without feeling guilty and discouraged

  • live a healthy lifestyle without the wellness overwhelm

  • love your body and how you look no matter what

  • embrace the “last five pounds” so you can stop holding yourself back

Nutritious Meals


  • you didn’t have to start fresh on Monday?

  • you didn’t have to get “back on track” after a cheat meal?

  • you never had to feel guilty over what you eat?

  • you could stop obsessing about food and your body?

  • you could still be healthy without worrying about eating clean?

What if I told you:  you can friggin’ do all of those things!


 feeling totally out of control around food

 hearing your own obsessive thoughts holding you back

 looking at labels and ingredients with a magnifying glass

 counting calories and carbs and logging it in MyFitness Pal

 dreading going jeans shopping because it makes you feel awful about yourself

 not ever feeling good about your body

 seeing “self love” around every corner and wondering why you can’t find that

 not knowing how to be healthy without making it a full time job

  seeing others living perfectly healthy instagramable lives

Leafy Plant


You’re trying to do all the healthy things - drinking your celery juice and skinny tea, reading that new keto book, trying to meditate. You’re feeling okay about your body, maybe a little tired because you spent an extra hour last night doing a 40 minute ab and booty burn workout, which didn’t immediately give you abs (grr).

You wake up in the morning, grab your bulletproof coffee and are about to head out the door when you walk past the mirror and you have to stop. 


And then the usual thoughts start pouring in...


Plates With Nutritious Cashew Alfredo
Nutritious Ramen Dinner

you deserve to


“I can’t go out in this, look how big my tummy looks.”

“I feel awful in all of my clothes.”

“How did I gain this much weight? I better only eat a salad for lunch.”

“Can I make it until noon without eating? I think that’s supposed to help burn fat.”

“I shouldn’t have had those two slices of pizza last night.”

“I wonder how many carbs are in a granola bar?”

“I shouldn’t have any office snacks today, they’re not worth the calories.”

“I need to go to the gym before my dinner date and work off this bloat.”

“I’m so tired of hating my body.”

“Okay, starting Monday I’m getting back on track!”


Isn’t it about friggin’ time you treated yourself the way you deserve??

  • actually enjoy food again, with zero guilt or loss of control

  • love the way you look, no matter what you’re wearing

  • focus on wellness, without food obsession taking over



  • You can be healthy and honour your hunger and cravings.

  • You can enjoy all foods without bingeing 1,000 cookies.

  • You can learn to love and respect your body every damn day.

Person Preparing Meal


was designed to teach you how to let go of food rules, nourish your body and live restriction-free.


It’s my mission to empower you to live with way more freedom. In the Food Freedom Breakthrough, you’ll learn:


  • how to ditch the diet mentality that’s keeping you stuck in a toxic body-hating cycle

  • how to change your mindset around food and your body so you can finally break free and live intuitively

  • how to integrate gentle nutrition and healthy habits to live the life you’ve always wanted



Sound nuts? Well, that's why I'm here!


I help guide you through the world of wellness with a very different approach: where you don't have to restrict, crash diet or obsess over food. I'm also here to show you that you can love the body you're in right now, no matter your goals.


I'm a certified nutritionist (CNP/ROHP) and hormone specialist, but know first hand that wellness journeys can often contribute to disordered eating. I've worked with countless clients, empowering them to make healthy choices while they gently let go of food rules.


I created the Food Freedom Breakthrough to show you how to to stop obsessing over food and start living with a little more freedom.


Certified Nutritionist Renée

let me break it down for you

First, you'll learn to ditch diet culture and food rules, so you can heal your relationship with food and start to see your worth.

→ Next, you'll integrate intuitive eating + movement, so you can learn to honour your body's needs.

→ Then, you'll add in healthy habits so you can eat what you want while you gently fuel and nourish your body.

→ Finally, you'll learn how to make it a lifestyle, so you can maintain food freedom and body confidence for life.

Leafy Plant Drawing
Person Preparing Nutritious Recipe

bonuses and support


Access to The Food Freedom Hub with all kinds of goodies.

Calendar Invites for Save The Dates.

A community message board to stay connected.

100% email support.


tune in to live group coaching calls. 

listen to the course modules.

get support from me via private chat.


feel totally supported (we've all got your back).

free to explore and learn at your own pace (no pressure).

own your new confidence like a boss.

It’s time to step into the self-love breakthrough you deserve.



6 Online Video Trainings (Workshop Style) + 2 Whole BONUS Modules → Value: $ $1000

2 x 1:1 private consults/coaching (Initial Intake + Follow Up) → Value: $400+

6 x Weekly Themed Group Coaching/Q+A Calls (45 min) → Value: $1,000

DFY Swipe File of Roadmaps, Checklists and Planners → Value: $200

Direct and Community Support System → Value: $600+

BONUS: Journalling + Module Workbooks (including lesson summaries) → Value: $200

BONUS: Themed Recipe Books to Inspire Your Gentle Nutrition → Value: $300


Your Investment: $1,700 CAD

(Discount to $1,000 for the first round)

Payment Plans: $2,000 CAD total over 6 months

(discount to $1500 for the first round)


Healthy Snack In cup



hear it from other foodies

“I wanted to thank you for being the nutritionist I needed in my life. You held my hand and walked me through a diet to balance my hormones, then the parasite saga, and finally got me to a place of weight loss IN A SUPER HEALTHY AND SUSTAINABLE WAY!!!! Woah. Without the toxic mentality of weight loss but helping me shed the pounds that made me lose a lot of my favourite clothes. Thank you!!! Thank you for being so conscious about toxic relationships with food and still guide me through a healthy protocol.”


- Maria

Renée In Kitchen Prepping Meal


Step One: Hop on a free Strategy Session call with Renée to make sure this program is a good fit for you.

Step Two: Once approved, you’ll be sent access to the Food Freedom Hub and all of the training/materials to get started.

Step Three: You’ll also be able to book your 1:1 Getting Started Session with me. We’ll go over your health history and get you started with customized recommendations.


Step Four: You’ll see calendar invites for group training sessions on each module of the program.

Step Five: After you’ve completed the program, we’ll meet 1:1 again to set you up for success moving forward with your new food freedom life.



Food Freedom Online Course

If I have current health issues can I still try the Food Freedom Method?

Ab-so-lutely. The best part about food freedom is it’s more of a mental shift. You’re still honouring your body and it’s needs, so if you aren’t able to eat certain foods because of your health, that’s all just a part of your self care. I’ll also make sure to address If there are certain recommendations in the gentle nutrition section of the course that don’t fit with your current health requirements, and we’ll make tweaks/substitutions as necessary in your 1:1 consults.

Will I gain/lose weight with intuitive eating?

Maybe! You may gain weight, you may lose weight (and you’ll learn that your health and newfound confidence isn’t really connected to your weight, anyway). When you learn to eat intuitively, you are giving your body what it needs. This could cause some to gain and some to lose body weight and it’s all perfectly healthy and normal.

What if I give in to food freedom, and just end up eating cookies forever?

You definitely won’t! This is a common fear with letting go of food rules. But your body knows what it needs for fuel and when you start listening to those requests, you’ll crave what you need to sustain yourself. Sometimes that’s cookies, most times it’s not!

How much time will I need to spend each week on the course?

The best part about this course is that it’s self-paced, because growth and deconditioning takes time and that’s different for everyone. But, there are suggestions for how to structure your learning to make the most out of your 1:1 sessions and live coaching calls. Generally, I’d recommend spending 20-30 minutes per day on self care/homework and 1-3 hours per week on the lessons and coaching.


Are your programs and services covered by my insurance?

Not every part of the Food Freedom Breakthrough is, but you can request reimbursement for our 1:1 appointments. If you're wondering whether holistic nutrition services are covered under your health insurance, it will depend on who the provider is. It's best to check with your insurance company. They will need the qualification (Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner) and registration number (available upon request). They might also need to know that this is through the International Organization of Nutritional Consultants. Here are a few organizations that have been known to cover nutrition services: Co-operators Insurance, Large Group Policies, RWAM Insurance Administrators Inc., SunLife, Extended Benefits Policy, TD Canada – Flex Benefits, Great West Life – depending on the individual plan many “Flex Plans” or “Health Spending Accounts” allow members to allocate their health insurance funds towards complementary health services. Please check with your insurance company to see if your plan extends coverage to nutrition counselling services.

Frequently Asked Questions